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  Scott & Christie Eyecare: Patient Care on the Forefront of Cataract Technology

Today, eye care research and technology are constantly evolving.  In Western Pennsylvania, Scott & Christie Eyecare Associates continues to set new standards in eye care through its commitment to acquiring and utilizing innovative and proven technology not only to diagnose and treat medical problems of the eye, but also to deliver a better quality of life for its patients.

The Innovation of Cataract Laser Technology
Beginning in 2015, Dr. Christie and his team were one of the first eye care practices in the region to deliver cataract laser technology - the new standard in precision cataract surgery  for patients undergoing cataract surgery.  With Cataract Laser Surgery, many key steps of the procedure that were manually performed can be completed with precision using the laser, leading to a customized vision treatment and a more gentle procedure.  

Multifocal Lens Technology:  Reduce dependency on or eliminate eye glasses after surgery
Traditionally, cataract surgery resulted in a patient only having access to a single vision implant lens, providing only good distance vision. This resulted in most patients still needing glasses for reading and viewing objects close up. It also left patients with astigmatism since the surgery didn't correct this. However, with the cataract laser and Multifocal Lens technology, the practice has the tools to optimize your best vision income.  With this combined technology, Cataract Surgery becomes not just a medical procedure, but an opportunity for a better quality of life.

Because cataract surgery only occurs one time in a patient's life, it's important for cataract patients to be educated about current technology and to know that they have options.  It is essential to find an ophthalmology practice that can offer these options, explain the technology and have your procedures performed by an experienced surgeon.  Choosing this technology does not negate your insurance coverage for cataract surgery, although you will be responsible for non-covered portions of the procedure.  If you are facing cataract surgery, don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to experience a fine tuned, full range of vision.

Maintaining offices in Fox Chapel Plaza and Cranberry, Scott & Christie Eyecare Associates provides ample free parking and accessibility along main highways and bus routes. Comfortable offices and its friendly staff help make your time with them a pleasurable experience. For more information, visit www.scottandchristie.com

Locations in Cranberry Township (724-772-5420) and Fox Chapel (412-782-0400)

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