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'Eyewear on Wheels' – Mobile Vision Care
By Lois Thomson

Do doctors make house calls? Not any more. But Ed Unverdorben ("Mr. Ed") is willing to bring your prescription eyewear to wherever is most convenient for you.

Founder of Mobile Vision Care, Mr. Ed is an American Board Certified Optician who has been in the business for more than four decades. He said when he first started working, "I would see people coming into the office in wheelchairs, and knew how they struggled to get out. I thought, 'One day I'm going to see about taking my services to them, to make their life a little easier.'"

And he did. While Mr. Ed doesn't do eye exams, he is able to offer quality eyewear at a reasonable cost, and has a large selection of current, fashionable frames. All services are guaranteed to be exact to the physician's prescription, and he responds to calls within 24 hours – whether to your home, your workplace, or to a personal care or senior living facility.

Mr. Ed said he doesn't have a complaint department, because "my rule is that everything has to be perfect. It has to satisfy me before the customer ever sees it. If it doesn't meet my standards, it goes right back to the lab, and my standards are more strict than any other optical labs or companies out there."

He has been providing this service for more than 20 years, but said all of his business had previously been by word of mouth. He credits the Working Order organization for helping him to be able to promote it at this time.

"It's a niche that nobody has tapped into. My goal is to provide eyeglasses for everybody, and also be able to go to people who are homebound, because it takes the load off the family who has to transport them back and forth. This is the way to go. I love being with the people and taking care of them. All my customers have been very happy. It was just what I was meant to do in my life."

For more information, call 412-849-4564 or send an email to mvcsupply@hotmail.com.

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