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Energy Psychology for Everyone
By Joan Kaylor

When I offer Energy Psychology to my clients they look at me like a deer in headlights. They ask “What is Energy Psychology?” 

“Glad you asked.”  Energy Psychology is finding anxiety and depression in your electrical system. 

I explain all humans are walking batteries. We are electromagnetic beings. An MRI is Magnetic Resonance Imaging meaning the machine takes imaging of the electricity of your body so physicians can see what is going on.  Energy Psychology allows me to “find” where the anxiety and depression (and other mental health disorders) are in your electrical body. This includes the meridian system inside your body that acupuncturists use, the chakra system which are the major energy centers of the body and the biofield which is essentially your aura. 

If this sounds new age, it isn’t. It is “old age” from 5000 years ago from the ancient Chinese. Western medicine has coined it complementary and alternative treatment or CAM. There is growing research showing positive data using energy psychology and Emotional Freedom Techniques. See www.energypsych.org/research.

Many people already use Emotional Freedom Techniques, acupuncture, Reiki, Touch for Health, and acupressure for healing pain, allergies and emotional distress. When they help, they greatly relieve the root cause of the problem.
Energy Psychology combines with cognitive behavior therapy offer no side effects, are non-evasive and people can do for themselves.  When used daily, many times people do not need medication. People should seek practitioners certified in Energy Psychology to make sure practitioners are properly trained and certified.

Disclaimer:  Emotional Freedom Techniques and Energy Psychology do not help everyone or everything. Individual results vary. Always consult with your health care provider and professional therapist regarding any emotional distress or medical issues. 

Joan Kaylor can be reached at JoanKaylor@hotmail.com. To learn more, visit www.JoanKaylor.com or https://www.facebook.com/joan.kaylor.

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