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Standing Together to End Violence!
By Ann M. Emmerling, Executive Director

Blackburn Center has been providing services to victims of domestic and sexual violence in Westmoreland County since 1976.  These services include a 24-hour hotline, counseling and therapy, advocacy/accompaniment to court proceedings and emergency rooms; and provide shelter for victims of intimate partner violence and their children.

 In 2002, Blackburn Center recommitted to actively work to end gender-based violence in the community.  The agency’s commitment to social transformation can be seen in their innovative partnerships with local universities, their Coaching Boys into Men program, their Fearless Advocacy for Male Engagement (FAME) group, and their ongoing work to educate and train students, professionals and volunteers throughout Westmoreland County.

 Recently, Blackburn Center has noted the escalation of other types of crime in Westmoreland County communities.  The agency realized that the expertise and skills they’ve developed over four decades of service to victims of gender-based violence in Westmoreland County could be put to good use for victims of all types of crime. 

As a result, Blackburn Center's expertise in trauma-informed services can - and will now - benefit victims of any type of violence or crime. 

 Blackburn Center is a leader in Westmoreland County in two areas: trauma-focused services to victims of any type of violence or crime, and expertise in primary prevention of gender-based violence.  At Blackburn Center, they are standing together with the community to end violence. 

For more information, call our Toll-free Hotline at 1.888.832.2272 or visit their website at

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