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Get Motivated to Become a Healthier You
By Dr. Amy Jennings

Inevitably every year around this time, the question on the minds of most people in some way relates to New Year's resolutions. New Year's resolutions can either be a blessing or a curse or a little of both. For some, it provides the necessary motivation to get moving and for others, it applies too much pressure to an already delicate spirit. What I have to say about that is "SO WHAT!" Set goals for yourself instead of resolutions and don't wait for the first of anything to make a change.

The majority of New Year's Resolutions is involving exercise and weight loss. Whether it is because you overate during the holidays or because you see a new year as a new beginning, getting motivated to become a healthier you is always a good idea.

Let's look at the pitfalls of making resolutions. The biggest mistake people make is setting unrealistic expectations. You know the old adage "Rome wasn't built in a day." Don't try going from eating 4000 calories a day down to 2000 or from not exercising for months (or years) to running 6 miles in a day. You will shock your system in a way that is unhealthy and not conducive to losing weight. DO set smaller, more realistic goals for yourself. I tell my patients to try to change one thing at a time. For instance, if your vice includes chips or chocolate, try cutting back to only allowing yourself a small treat after accomplishing an exercise goal. You don't have to cut everything out of your diet that you enjoy. Eating 'in moderation' is probably one of the biggest lessons you can learn. Also, don't allow your cravings to get the best of you. Do satisfy them while you still have the control. Treat yourself without over indulging and don't stress about it. Stress will only slow your metabolism and make you gain weight.

Most people think that once you "cheat", you have broken your New Year's Resolution and it's all over until next year. That is why setting goals for yourself works so much better than making "Grand Resolutions." We all make mistakes and have moments of weakness. The power comes with realizing and accepting this and then moving forward to reach your goals.

If your main goal for 2014 is to be healthier, you are already on a good track. Defining what healthier means for you is your biggest task. Make lists of your goals for yourself and write down ideas on how you would like to work towards achieving them. You would be surprised how much being systematic and organized can help you in the long run.

Whatever your goals may be, regular chiropractic adjustments should be on your list. Adjustments will help you function better and help you focus more, enabling you to achieve your goals. Whether you are trying to lose 10 lbs, train for a marathon, quit smoking, stop arguing with your significant other, or just have less stress in your life, chiropractic can help. It provides you with a sense of total body wellness that you may not get from other forms of healthcare. It also boosts your energy level and mood like nothing else can.

Remember to set realistic goals for yourself and learn to do things in moderation. Even include some goals of things that you are already doing to help yourself feel good about the accomplishment and keep motivated to accomplish more. Good luck with all of your goal-setting and goal-achieving and I hope that 2014 proves to be a successful year.

Please e-mail questions to Dr. Amy Jennings at dramyjennings@gmail.com, fax to (412) 283-1062, or send to 1010 Clifton Road, Bethel Park, PA 15102.

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