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Saving Lives with Screening Mammograms at Magee’s Breast Imaging Centers
By Nancy Kennedy

LaJuana FullerGetting the recommended screening mammograms is critically important for women, says LaJuana Fuller, director of Womens Imaging at UPMC Magee Womens Hospital, and Magee is making it as convenient and comfortable as possible for all women throughout the Pittsburgh region to do exactly that. Magee offers excellence in every aspect of mammography: state-of-the-art technology that produces the highest possible diagnostic accuracy, the most efficient processes, and the utmost in patient safety and comfort. At Magee, the Breast Imaging staff is experienced, compassionate and driven to deliver the best care possible.

“Our expert healthcare professionals are dedicated and committed to providing excellent service,” says Ms. Fuller. “We are well aware of how difficult mammograms are for many women; it can be an emotional experience with a lot of anxiety. We understand this and our goal is to make women comfortable with having mammograms. We are doing more than providing radiology services: we are caring for women and helping them stay healthy. You will get the best care here at Magee.”

There are numerous benefits to having your mammograms at Magee, Ms. Fuller says. Magee has the most advanced imaging equipment and offers three-dimensional mammograms, also called tomosynthesis, to every woman. Tomosynthesis is an imaging technology that enables radiologists to obtain a 3-D view that is clearer and far more accurate that conventional mammography, improving the ability to detect breast cancer and also reducing the need to call women back for additional imaging. Magee’s radiologists and technologists are specialists in breast imaging, with utmost expertise in obtaining and interpreting images and identifying abnormalities.

Magee has nine Breast Imaging centers throughout the region, making it possible to get your mammogram done close to home. For added convenience, Magee will schedule appointments in the evening, early morning and weekends, in addition to traditional weekday times. Many of these centers offer free parking and some even have valet parking.

Magee’s Breast Imaging service is extending its reach into the community in other, innovative ways, particularly in an effort to improve mammogram screening rates and reduce breast cancer death rates among African American women. Breast cancer is the leading cause of death from cancer among African American women; studies have shown that there is significant disparity in breast cancer screening and in treatment for African American women in this region. Led by Steven Evans, M.D., a UPMC surgical oncologist, and a coalition of supporting organizations, they are directing specific work to eradicate this disparity.

 “One branch of this work is due to generous support from Diana Napper, founder of Glimmer of Hope and PNC bank, who have provided funding to hold special breast cancer screening and education events at our mammogram centers, offering information about breast health, breast disease, imaging services and ways to reduce your risk,” Ms. Fuller says. “Our speakers include physicians and a dietitian. If needed, transportation to the event is provided as well as coverage for the mammogram. If the participant does not have health insurance, enrollment in the Healthy Woman Program is offered. Any woman is welcome to attend and anyone with questions can call me directly at 412 641 5837.

“Fear can sometimes be attributed to lack of understanding; many are afraid to have a mammogram even though they know that early detection means a greater chance of survival. We seek to dispel myths and misconceptions through education. By addressing fears and concerns, we hope to improve mammogram rates and ultimately eliminate the disparities completely.

“A screening mammogram is the single most powerful tool for the early detection of breast cancer,” says Ms. Fuller. “Early detection means that treatment can be initiated early in the course of the disease, and that means a more successful outcome is likely to be achieved.

“At Magee, we believe that it is a privilege to care for our patients. We care deeply about the work that we do and we offer the best services and highest quality of care possible. Magee has cutting edge technology that assures the greatest accuracy, and we provide this in an environment of compassion and support. Screening mammograms save lives.”

To schedule a mammogram, call (412) 641-4700 or toll free at 1-800-649-4077.
To contact LaJuana Fuller about the Mammography Screening Outreach events, call (412) 641-5837.
For more information about breast cancer services at UPMC Magee Womens Hospital, visit www.upmc.com/locations/hospitals/magee/services.

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