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HealthPLEX Imaging Helps to Knock Out Breast Cancer

Monongahela Valley Hospital and HealthPLEX Imaging continually try to educate the community about the importance of annual mammograms in detecting breast cancer sooner. Their messages are being heard. In August, 517 women had 3-D screening mammograms at HealthPLEX Imaging. That's a new monthly record.

"Annual mammograms can detect cancer early – when it is most treatable – preventing the need for advanced treatments," said Mary Ann Konsugar, manager of HealthPLEX Imaging. "In some women, mammograms can show changes in the breast up to two years before they can be felt."

HealthPLEX Imaging offers 3-D mammography, also known as digital breast tomosynthesis. The 3-D mammogram captures a series of consecutive images from different angles across the arc of the breast to produce three-dimensional slice images. The slices enable the radiologists to examine the breast tissue one layer at a time instead of a flat image. An abnormality that is hidden behind tissue in one image may be visible in another image at a slightly different angle. With 3-D mammography, radiologists can target the size, shape and precise location of a suspicious image. In addition, women experience fewer callbacks for additional images which in turn reduces anxiety.

In early summer, HealthPLEX Imaging began offering women the opportunity to stop in any weekday for a screening mammogram. No appointments or physicians' prescriptions are needed.

"Some women have annual physicals or gynecological exams and walk around for months with their mammogram prescriptions in their purses because they just cannot find the time to fit them in their schedules," said Mrs. Konsugar. "In addition, there are others who never see a physician and are in need of a mammogram. By offering walk-in mammograms, HealthPLEX Imaging gives women the freedom to have their screenings when they find it convenient."

HealthPLEX Imaging recently rolled out the "Get MAD at Breast Cancer!" campaign to further increase mammogram awareness. The campaign, which promotes the Mammograms Any Day service, features an athletic woman with boxing gloves aiming to knock out cancer.

Mrs. Konsugar added, "At HealthPLEX Imaging, we've changed the lyrics to a popular Kenny Chesney song. Our motto is, "no appointment, no prescription, no problem."

Located in WillowPointe Plaza at 800 Plaza Drive, HealthPLEX Imaging offers screening mammograms Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. While appointments are available, they are not required.

For more information, call 724-379-1900.

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