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Alleviate Pain With Therapeutic Massage Therapy
By Jm Stark

You hurt yourself.  Maybe you had surgery or you have been going to physical therapy.  You still hurt.  What is going on?  Every muscle has an antagonist.  If you can bend an arm, you can straighten your arm.  Some muscles could be out of balance, or there could be scar tissue within the muscles.   So what do you do?  Do you live with the pain? Or do you turn to drugs  - everything from Tylenol to opioids? Pain is your body's way of saying something is not correct.  Don't let lack of sleep due to pain lead to physical problems, depression, or a general health decline. Before you turn to drugs and their side effects, you may want to ask your doctor if therapeutic massage can help.

Therapeutic massage is very specific.  The beauty of massage is that you are in control.  You move the joint up to the point of pain; the therapist locates the point of pain and identifies the muscles involved.  If you bruised a muscle, scar tissue could be at that location, or the muscle could be receiving a message from the nervous system to tighten to protect the region.  The process of massage can calm the nerves, break up scar tissue, and allow more blood to enter the area to promote healing. Stretches and muscle manipulation are useful in relieving pain or clarifying the points of pain.  The repetitive process of identifying pain points and massaging or stretching the muscles is very effective in relieving pain.  A key ingredient in this process is that there must be a good dialogue between the client and the therapist.  You know what you feel and the therapist knows what he feels.  Working together is the quickest path to long term pain relief.

It is vital that all medical players be involved.  Doctors can fix things that are broken and have the tools to see what is within the body.  We have great surgeons, but surgery is the most invasive solution.  Consider a team approach by having a therapeutic massage therapist work in conjunction with the physical therapist before surgery is considered.

Therapeutic Massage relieves tension in the muscles that are too tight.  Physical therapy is vital in building up weak muscles.  This combination achieves muscle balance.  The Therapeutic Massage Therapist should have a solid understanding of anatomy, and a knowledge of orthopedic massage techniques, neural reset therapy®, trigger point techniques, and deep tissue massage.  A good massage therapist knows the importance of working with doctors and physical therapists.  Assemble your team, and make sure they can talk and work well together for your benefit.

As you build your healing team, you will need to consider the sharing of your health information.  Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) protects your health information.  The medical community is duty bound to protect your privacy.  You have control over who can see or use your information.  For your team to work together efficiently, you should provide written permission for them to share your health information.  If you want to restrict the information that is shared, you also have that right.

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