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South Hills Orthopedic Surgery Associates Named Number One in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine by Post-Gazette Readers
By Nancy Kennedy

Earlier this year, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette conducted a survey of local residents to determine their favorite businesses, restaurants, entertainment venues and service providers. Readers were invited to participate through the newspaper’s interactive web site by nominating their personal favorites. Over 40,000 nominations flooded in, and were organized by category and region. Voting took place through the end of May, with 200,000 votes cast, and the winners, known as “Fan Favorites,” were announced in the newspaper in June.

A big winner in the Fan Favorites competition was South Hills Orthopedic Surgery Associates (SHOSA), coming in first in the category of orthopedic and sports medicine providers. The honor recognizes the excellence of the care provided by SHOSA’s expert team of physicians and support staff. At SHOSA, state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions, from simple fractures to complex joint replacement surgery, helps people to maintain their mobility, play the sports they love, manage the challenges of arthritis and enjoy their lives.

Among the thousands of patients who are fully satisfied with the care they receive at SHOSA is Paula Wilson, 62, of Finleyville. Paula sees Justin Petrolla, M.D., SHOSA’s pain and mobility specialist, for treatment of spinal arthritis and stenosis. She says that under his care, her pain has been significantly reduced: “Dr. Petrolla has helped me a lot; he gave me shots that last a long time, and he sent for physical therapy that is really helpful. He is the nicest doctor and I highly recommend him.”

William Gagliardino, 80, is a patient of Christopher Manning, M.D., and has two special names for the surgeon who has performed two shoulder replacements on him: “The Fixer” and the “Miracle Worker.” The former steamfitter has severe osteoarthritis and has had both knees, both hips and now both shoulders replaced. His most recent surgery took place in April at St. Clair Hospital, and just two months later, he is pain free. “I had my first shoulder replacement in May 2017, and then the second one this year. Dr. Manning did both and he is a great surgeon. He always tells you what to expect. He takes his time, listens and answers your questions.”

Gagliardino, who lives in Mt. Lebanon with his wife Margaret, says that the entire operation at SHOSA is excellent. “The whole staff is professional and caring. They’re efficient: you never have a long wait. You register, get your x-ray, and in ten minutes you see the doctor.” Gagliardino is pain free and able to enjoy his retirement with his wife, four children and ten grandchildren. “Before my joint replacements, I was always packed in ice. I no longer need it, thanks to Dr. Manning, the fixer.”

Jeff Lammert, 67, of Mt. Lebanon, has seen several of the physicians at SHOSA and he commends the practice for their cautious approach to surgery. “I appreciate the fact that the surgeons here don’t automatically recommend surgery. I had an Achilles laceration that led to a hamstring tear, and I was seeing Dr. Brett Perricelli. He referred me to his colleague, Dr. Petrolla, who suggested an innovative treatment called PRP. They took blood from my arm and injected the platelets into the injury site. It regenerates the tissue to heal the injury. It’s a gradual healing process, not an immediate cure. It was amazing: the pain had been keeping me awake all night, and five months later I have no pain. I had the same treatment for arthritis in my thumbs in May. I like Dr. Petrolla’s approach to pain and I liked the way he and Dr. Perricelli communicated.”

Lammert says that the physicians of SHOSA are attentive, providing personal care and excellent follow-up: “If you call or send an email, they respond, always. Every treatment I had is working. It was a good experience – these guys are really good at what they do.”

South Hills Orthopedic Surgery Associates cares for patients of all ages. The practice is located in the heart of the South Hills, on Oxford Drive in Bethel Park, across from South Hills Village, and has ample parking with spaces reserved for patients. There are no steps at the building entrance and the offices are right off the elevator. “We recognize that our patients are often injured or in pain when they come here,” Patricia Evans, practice administrator, explains. “We designed our location to be accessible, to make the patient’s experience as easy and pleasant as possible.”

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To contact South Hills Orthopedic Associates, visit www.southhillsortho.com or call (412) 283-0260.

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