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Knee Replacement Patients Praise MVH

When you choose to have joint replacement surgery at The Orthopedic Institute at Monongahela Valley Hospital (MVH), you are taking the first step to move pain free.
Roseann Slobada, from Uniontown, had arthroscopic surgery on her left knee 12 years ago by Dr. Scott Baron. "He told me it would only be good for five years," said Ms. Slobada. She just finished having her right knee replaced, "I spent those last 12 years favoring my left knee that I messed up my right one."

MVH's Orthopedic Institute offers a unique program; each step is designed to encourage the best results leading to a transition home or to a rehab facility from the hospital two to three days after surgery. Ms. Slobada praised the program saying, "The program is amazing, they have it down to a science."  She continued, "Everything is in that book. If you read that book and follow it, you won't have any problems," referencing the guidebook given to all orthopedic surgery patients in the physician's office prior to surgery. "I had my surgery Wednesday, if I didn't read that book there's no way I'd be going home today (Friday)."

When asked about her stay, Ms. Slobada said the staff is the best. "I haven't ever been to a place where the staff is so nice. Everyone just seemed happy."  She continued her accolades for the anesthesiologist, "I was so scared, but he reassured me. When I woke up, I felt great, like when I went in (for surgery)."

Being from Uniontown, Mrs. Slobada said, "I have a hospital down the road from me, but this place is amazing."  She is excited for the opportunity to chase after her grandkids.

The program features a team of dedicated individuals trained to work with people having total joint replacement surgery. One such team member is Lorraine Damich, Care Coordinator for the Orthopedic Institute. She is responsible for your care needs from the surgeon's office, to the hospital and home.

An orthopedic candidate was deciding to have her knee replaced, she and her husband wanted to visit the hospital to see how far was from their home.

"I received a call from a volunteer that there was someone who wanted to see the hospital because they were thinking of having their knee replaced," said Mrs. Damich, "I went down, met them and gave them a short tour of the facility. When we finished, she said the tour helped her to make the decision to have the surgery."  

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