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Chocolate Milk is Good for You – Drink to that

...Surprised? Don’t be! A new University of Texas study found that low-fat chocolate milk is a great post-exercise drink.
“After resistance training, it is very important to help the body recuperate,” says Reggie Dulaney, a personal trainer at Panthro Fitness in Pittsburgh, PA. “This new research confirms that chocolate milk is excellent for this purpose because it has a good carbohydrate to protein ratio, which helps replenish energy systems, as well as repair and build more muscle than traditional sports drinks.”
This newest study comes on the heels of earlier research suggesting that ingredients in low-fat chocolate milk, such as calcium, sodium and a bit of sugar, lead to a quicker post- exercise recovery.
What if low-fat chocolate milk is not your cup of tea? If your exercise routine is especially intense, Dulaney says you might benefit from a post-workout sports drink – the ingredients included in these beverages will increase your energy level and help you recover quicker.
Dulaney stresses that while a post-training drink is important for the recovery process, so is sufficient hydration during the exercise itself.
In fact, data from the American Council on Exercise shows that the body can lose more than a quart of water during one hour of exercise – fluids that must be replaced not only to improve the quality of your workout, reduce fatigue and muscle cramping, but also to prevent the dangers of dehydration – heat exhaustion, heat stroke and even kidney failure.
“Therefore, drinking water during a workout - about 4 to 6 ounces for every 15-20 minutes of exercise - is essential, and even more so in the summer,” Dulaney says.
What are the best workout thirst quenchers?
“Basically, it depends on your goals, taste, as well as the length and intensity of your sessions,” Dulaney says. “However, it is wise to avoid drinks that are high in calories and sugar- you don’t want to put on weight - and certainly stay away from alcohol.”
For best hydration, Dulaney recommends:
- Water is still the best choice for hydration, especially if weight loss is your goal and for less strenuous workouts.
- For high intensity, longer duration workouts, you may want to consider a sports-drink that is low in sugar and contains electrolytes. And for those who are adventurous and open to new experiences, you may want to consider beetroot juice, this might be a refreshing alternative. A new research from Exeter University in Britain shows that, due to high nitrate levels present in this drink, it not only hydrates, but also boosts athletic performance.

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