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UPMC East 'Providing Care in the Community Where People Live'

By Lois Thomson

When UPMC East opened in Monroeville July 2, the Emergency Department doors were unfastened and ready to handle any cases that needed immediate attention, and about 15 elective cases had been scheduled as well. Since that time the volume of work has been steadily increasing, and that's exactly why the hospital was placed in that particular location.
Mark Sevco, president of UPMC East, said UPMC did a study a few years ago, thinking at the time to add an inpatient tower to UPMC Shadyside. However, as he explained, UPMC Shadyside and Presby were frequently over capacity, with as many as 90 to 100 beds per day filled from patients who were within a five-mile radius of the new hospital in Monroeville. In addition, a large number of physicians were driving in from the East to service those facilities.
"So from that perspective, providing care in the community where people live has really been our focus, and we made the decision strategically to invest in a full-service, community hospital in the East."
Sevco described "full-service" by saying, "You can think of UPMC East in a similar capacity to some of our other community hospitals like UPMC McKeesport and St. Margaret. We have a 156-bed hospital with all private rooms, a full-service emergency department, imaging department, outpatient testing center, cath labs, endoscopy suites, radiation oncology and a broad range of surgical-based programs. In addition, being connected with UPMC is a strength because we can seamlessly facilitate more complicated surgeries like open heart surgery to high-volume tertiary centers like UPMC Presbyterian and UPMC Shadyside."
Sevco said UPMC East hired 400 staff, 55 percent from 10 different UPMC hospitals. "The other 45 percent we hired are external, meaning they've come either from other hospitals, or – a lot of our service workers, the environmental services, and dietary and concierge – have come from the non-health care sector, meaning retail, schools, restaurants. These individuals were either looking for work or looking for work in health care, and they really had great customer service training. We're thrilled to be able to pull together a very hybrid mix of UPMC and external staff." In addition, UPMC East has more than 650 physicians who applied for privileges to work at UPMC East. "The medical staff is strong and vibrant and many of the physicians are coming from UPMC Shadyside."
Prior to being named president of UPMC East nearly two years ago, Sevco had been vice president of operations for UPMC Presby and Shadyside, and before that was president of UPMC Braddock. He's been with UPMC for 20 years.
"I've worked for six different (UPMC) hospitals over 20 years," Sevco said, "so this is a career highlight for me. It's a great opportunity to create a culture and use all the strengths that UPMC offers to really build a hospital from scratch; and to do that in a community setting is just a wonderful experience."
For more information, visit www.UPMCEast.com.


According to Mark Sevco, president of UPMC East, "Hospitals are in the hospitality business, and we're here to provide service and we want to excel." One of the ways they are doing that is by offering room service to patients. "A lot of hospitals deliver meals based on the traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner. We realized that a tremendous amount of food is wasted because the patient is often out getting a test or in rehab when food is delivered, and when they get back it's cold and they don't eat it. Or when we deliver food, they're just not hungry. So to eliminate waste, we've implemented a program where, when you're hungry, you look at a menu, pick up the phone, and we'll deliver food on demand. So we've actually been able to save money, but from a service perspective, it meets patients' needs."


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