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Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy Associates Excellent Care with a Special Human Touch 

By Nancy Kennedy

Physical therapy aide Bill Holzapfel assists patient
Meghan Bagnell with her knee exercises.

Anyone who is concerned that a sense of human caring has been lost in the complex, high-tech world of healthcare, will be reassured to learn that there are outstanding organizations that still put people first.
One of these is Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy Associates (OSPTA), an exemplary healthcare organization that offers a broad range of the highest quality, state-of-the-art clinical services within an environment of compassion, empathy and respect.
OSPTA is a family business, in more ways than one. It was created 25 years ago by brothers Alan Henson, P.T., C.S.C.S. and Jim Henson, P.T., C.S.C.S., two physical therapists who shared a vision of a patient-centered facility where they could provide highly individualized care with convenient access and hours. “We both worked in hospital PT departments, and saw a need for services in the evenings for working people,” recalls Alan Henson. “It definitely met a need – we would work at our hospital jobs, and then see patients until 11 o’clock at night. We decided to launch a business.” They founded OSPTA in 1984, and have shepherded their company from a fledgling start-up, using borrowed office space, into the successful enterprise that it is today. Their early expansion was gradual and careful, Jim Henson says, but in 1997, they made a pivotal decision. It was the era of mergers and acquisitions in healthcare, and many P.T. practices were selling to national groups. The Hensons were tempted to accept one of the offers that came their way, but instead chose to hold on to OSPTA and initiate an expansion. It was a risk, but one that they have not regretted.
As their company grew, the Henson’s thoughtfully honed philosophy evolved. They practice exceptional responsiveness to the human needs of their patients and their staff: at OSPTA, relationships matter, and everyone – patients, staff, visitors - is treated like family. “We want our patients to feel comfortable with us, from the first phone call through treatment to discharge,” the brothers say. That means providing superb, individualized customer service and creating a culture of genuine community throughout their system. It also means providing services with a human touch – literally.
“At OSPTA, physical therapy is hands-on care. We believe in the ‘laying on of hands’ as an essential aspect of healthcare,” explains Jim Henson. “We have a staff of very skilled professionals in physical and occupational therapy and we are current in all the latest therapeutic techniques and technology in the field. We also believe in the power of touch, and use our hands as part of the healing process for our patients. Healing has both mental and physical aspects, and hands-on care impacts both. Touch affects the neurological and endocrine systems and produces muscle relaxation; a relaxed muscle is more receptive to treatment. Our therapists know what is expected of them and each has a unique way of expressing our philosophy in their work.”
OSPTA has 25 locations throughout the region and features a home care division. The company has a staff of 205 that includes 44 physical therapists, 11 occupational therapists, 6 certified hand therapists and 2 speech therapists. The clinical team also includes aides, technicians and administrative staff, most of whom are long-time employees. Eric Walt, M.S., P.T.; Mark Kerestan, P.T.-P.A.-C., CEAS; and Mark Aaron, M.S., P.T. are employees who are shareholders in OSPTA. In addition, Alan’s two children, Jody and Laura, are both physical therapists who work for OSPTA. Jody is in charge of the home care division and OSPTA human resources; Laura is beginning to take an active role in the growth of the company. Jan Pieri, Marketing Director, has been with OSPTA for 22 years. “Working here is rewarding; we have a great team. Most of the staff, like me, has advanced beyond their original positions. The Hensons believe in education and career development for their employees.”
OSPTA offers traditional physical therapy services for patients of all ages who are recovering from surgery, injuries and other problems, or are working to improve their strength and mobility. As the baby boomer generation begins aging, they are likely to need increased PT services. Alan Henson explains: “As you age, you lose strength and may get injured. There’s no magic tool; exercise is the way to correct the deficits of aging and help you function effectively in your daily life. Our attitude is, “Let’s teach people to move well, then encourage them to move more.’”

There are special programs at OSPTA, offered at various locations:
The Women’s Health Program focuses on urinary incontinence and teaches patients to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. The Hand Center is staffed by certified hand therapists, who are PT’s with advanced training in treating problems of the hands and wrists. Sportsmetrics is a knee injury prevention program for women, to minimize the risk of ligament tears, which are more common in women. The Industrial Rehabilitation Program offers PT for the workplace and includes injury prevention programs and ergonomic assessments. The Vestibular Rehabilitation Program is an exercise approach to the management of dizziness and disequilibrium for patients with vestibular disorders.

To learn more about OSPTA or to schedule an appointment,
visit www.osptainc.com or call 1-800-337-6452.

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