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Surgical Removal of Breast Lumps Performed Comfortably In Outpatient Setting 

By Dr. Natalie Furgiuele-Iracki

... Surgical removal of a lump, or lumpectomy, is when the breast tissue is taken out using an incision.
It may be necessary for the surgeon to remove the lump or area of abnormality with guidance from the breast imaging in the way of a “needle wire localization”. When an area in the breast has undergone a needle biopsy, a clip is inserted in the breast so that the radiologist knows exactly where the area of concern is. In those instances, when the pathology of the removed lump reveals something that needs further excision, a small guide wire is inserted down to where the clip was placed. . The surgeon can then follow the wire as a guide to surgically excise the tissue in the operating room. Most of the time, these surgeries are done comfortably & quickly, with very few complications as an outpatient under local anesthesia.
Once the affected area is excised using the help of a needle wire localization, the tissue with the wire is x-rayed either by mammography or sonography to verify that the area in question has been removed.
Dr. Natalie Furgiuele-Iracki, Breast Surgeon at Radiance Surgery Center, also operating at St. Clair, Mon Valley, UPMC South, and The Washington Hospital/Tri-State, can be reached at (412) 833-9722.

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