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SyncRx Helps Patients 'Take the Right Medication at the Right Time'
By Lois Thomson

According to Marvin Sheffler, the most common reason that people end up in the hospital or personal care homes "is because they are not managing their medications properly." Sheffler is a pharmacist and owner of the Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy in Shadyside, and the new SyncRx program they offer is designed to "ensure that people are taking the right medication at the right time."

He described the program by saying, "Each month we take the patient's regular medications and package them all by morning, afternoon, evening and bedtime, in pouches. We can even put vitamins in those pouches, and each pouch is labeled with each of the medications in it. It helps the patient take the right medication at the correct time."

The pouches are easy to tear open and come on a roll, and can be pulled off as needed. "If you're going to work or going out for the day," Sheffler said, "you can pull off your morning or afternoon meds and put them in your purse or your pocket and go out the door. They're portable and very convenient."

Sheffler said the pouches are on a continuous roll, with one day's medications following the previous. "You just start at the top with day one and you've got the morning, then you go to the afternoon, then evening, then bedtime, and then you start all over again with day two." He clarified that if a patient only takes pills twice a day, say in the morning and at bedtime, the roll would only contain morning and bedtime packets – there would not be empty packets for afternoon and evening in middle. "It eliminates any possible confusion."

This program is perfect for patients who take more than a couple of pills a day. If you take multiple medications at different times of the day you will understand how convenient the SyncRx program could be. "A lot of people who are on multiple medications spend time filling pillboxes each week or struggling with bottles. This eliminates pillboxes, or wondering if Mom and Dad are taking their medications correctly. It helps them manage their medications, which keeps them healthy and independent."

Adding to the convenience is that SyncRx works with the patients' physicians to coordinate all prescriptions, so everything can be delivered at the same time each month. "Most people who are on multiple medications end up running to the pharmacy three or four times a month, which is not very convenient. We'll deliver all their prescriptions once a month in the convenient packaging, and it's delivered free, right to their door."

Sheffler said The Medicine Shoppe in Shadyside has always offered this program for its regular patients, but now they are rolling it out for the community to benefit. "It's a brand new initiative for us. The people who use SyncRx in the store love it, but now we'll be offering it to all of Western Pennsylvania."

For more information, call 412-586-5410 to get started today!

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