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Answers for Questions about Alzheimer’s disease

We all have trouble remembering things at times. Someone familiar-looking approaches us in a store and talks like an old friend but you cannot recall his or her name. You look at the calendar and get the feeling there is something important to do but you can’t remember what it might be. And how often have we all exclaimed, “Where in the world did I leave my keys?!” Forgetting a few things here and there does not necessarily mean that a person is developing dementia, but the concern often crosses our minds when we feel forgetful. When is it time to speak with your doctor? You may want to start the conversation with your physician if you or someone you love experiences the following:
• Memory loss disrupts daily life
• Challenges in planning or solving problems
• Difficulty completing familiar tasks at home or work
• Confusion to time or place
• Trouble understanding visual images and spatial relationships
• Difficulty following or joining in a conversation
• Misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace steps to find them
• Decreased or poor judgment
• Withdrawal from work and/or social activities
• Changes in mood or personality
Other common questions about Alzheimer’s often come from family members who are the majority of the care providers for their loved ones. Caregivers wonder “How do I know if Adult Day Care is a good option for my loved one?” You may want to consider Adult Day Care if:
• Your loved one has safety issues when left alone
• He or she seems unable to provide themselves a structure for daily activities
• Your loved one has extended daily periods of isolation and misses others
In addition, Adult Day Care enables caregivers to retain a job outside of their home, to obtain respite from an increasingly 24-hour responsibility and to have help with the physical part of caring for their loved one.
To learn more about Alzheimer’s disease, Adult Day Care and other options, visit www.SrCare.org or call Presbyterian SeniorCare’s Woodside Place at (412) 828-5600.

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