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Greater Access and Convenience for Highmark Medicare Members
By Amy N. Puntureri, R.Ph

For years, Highmark’s Medicare Security Blue HMO and Freedom Blue PPO members have purchased their diabetic testing products and other items through mail order facilities only. In the beginning of November, Giant Eagle Pharmacy was granted access to fill these and other Medicare B items at our retail stores. This is a great opportunity for patients, allowing them to use their local pharmacies to get their products without having to use mail order services.

Giant Eagle Pharmacy’s ability to medically bill patient’s Medicare Part B coverage for eligible items gives Highmark members more choices in how to manage their healthcare, and in some cases lets them get all of their medications and supplies from one single location. This coordination of care by a patient’s retail pharmacy can be crucial for patient therapy success. Another benefit for these Medicare members is that they can receive fuelperks!® on their out-of-pocket expenses.

In addition to diabetic testing supplies, Highmark Medicare members can also fill other prescription products at Giant Eagle Pharmacy, including inhaled nebulizer drugs, insulin used in pumps, oral anticancer and anti-nausea drugs, methotrexate used for cancer therapy, and immunosuppressant drugs for Medicare approved transplants.
Giant Eagle Pharmacy is proud to be the first retail pharmacy to be able to fill these medications for Highmark’s Security Blue HMO and Freedom Blue PPO members, and looks forward to servicing Highmark’s Medicare community.

To learn more about Giant Eagle Pharmacy, visit GiantEagle.com/Pharmacy.

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