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Three Tips to Revitalize Your Workouts
By Lisa Jenkins

Even though our winter weather wasn’t that bad here in Western Pennsylvania, the shortened winter days may have had a huge impact on your exercise routine. As you look forward to summer, these three simple tips can help to revitalize your workouts and get you ready for shorts and bathing suits:

1. Try something new. After several months of doing the same form of exercise over and over, you’re probably ready to spruce things up a bit. Is there some form of exercise that you’ve always wanted to try? Yoga? Hiking a new trail? Zumba? Kayaking? It’s easy to talk about wanting to do something. It’s another to actually do it. Scheduling a date and time or signing up for a class and adding it to your calendar can encourage you to make it happen. The anticipation of waiting for the day to arrive will increase your excitement, too!

2. Invite a friend to join you. Inviting a friend to join you adds laughter and encouragement to your workout. It can also add a sense of friendly competition that pushes you to go farther and harder. Knowing a friend is going to be waiting for you at the gym or at the track plays to your guilty conscious – you wouldn’t want to let your friend down by staying home to watch TV!

3. Update your workout wardrobe. Having something new makes us feel good about ourselves. Feeling good about ourselves boosts our confidence thus leading to a great workout. Buy yourself a new shirt to wear to the gym. There are many new colors and styles in workout wear that aren’t too expensive. Even getting something as simple as a new water bottle or towel can add a touch of fun to your workout.

Lisa Jenkins, a social worker, is the Special Programs Coordinator for LIFE Pittsburgh. She can be reached at (412) 388-8042 or ljenkins@lifepittsburgh.org You can also contact Lisa through her blog at www.MomWentRunning.blogspot.com

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