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New Children’s Book by Local Author Helps Kids Understand Breast Cancer


New author and breast cancer survivor, Lisa Klenoshek, tells the story of how a little girl helps her mother cope with breast cancer and treatment in her new book Zoey’s List of Love: A Sweet Breast Cancer Survival Story.
Synopsis: Zoey is a creative 6 year old who discovers something strange is happening at home. Soon she learns that her Momma has breast cancer and she wants to help. Zoey helps take care of her mother each step of the way through her cancer treatment by making "Lists of Love" and carrying them out. Soon her Mom is well again after surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation and Zoey is excited that she was there to help. This story discusses cancer treatment in a simple to understand manner and allows children to feel a part of the family problem and solution.
Diagnosed at 41 years of age in May 2009 after a routine mammogram, it is from her heart and personal experience that Author Klenoshek writes Zoey’s List of Love. Lisa hopes her book will help other adults to talk to young children about cancer and explain the difficult process to wellness. If she inspires someone to get a mammogram, that would be awesome, too! Author Klenoshek touches on a serious subject with a large potential audience. One in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some time in their life.

Zoey’s List of Love is available at www.BN.com & www.Amazon.com.

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